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We have been contacted by The Bartlet Society (www.zoohistory.co.uk/) who are looking for some help with this request from the BBC

“I’m contacting you from BBC Bristol where we’re working on a programme on the history of zoos for BBC Four. The hour long show will be looking at the development of zoos from the Tower of London right up to the modern day and I was wondering if there were any people who held any home archive they might be happy for us to use in the programme.

whipsnade zoo
Sealion Show at Whipsnade Zoo

We really are looking for any movies of memories. Any footage where someone can point to a child and say ‘That was me fifty years ago and I remember that day still…’ We’re desperate for colour footage especially but black and white would also be wonderful. In particular, we’re looking for footage of the Regent’s Park Zoo, Bristol Zoo, Dudley Zoo, Whipsnade and Jersey Zoo (as we’re hoping to film at these locations) but if people have great shots from other locations they could also be really useful.

Time Scale

We have 5 weeks to film everything and these old films could have a real influence on what we film if we can get them in time. Therefore, over the next fortnight would be brilliant but by the end of April is really the limit”


If you would like to help then please contact us (admin@tza.org.uk) and we will put you in touch with The Bartlet Society.

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