Twitter Round Up – April 7th ’13

We’ve been busy tweeting again this week – here is what followers of @tza_uk have been able to read about:

  1. Some good wildlife gardening tips from Staffs Wildlife Trust
  2. The amazing migration of the Gray whale – from WWF
  3. How to save money and reduce food waste –
  4. Some recipes to help with No 3 – Mother Nature Network
  5. All sorts of animal shenanigans from National Geographic
  6. How to help birds and hedgehogs – courtesy of Leics Wildlife Trust
  7. A possible way to clean up our oceans – from
  8. Tarantulas the size of your face – from
  9. Good news about the Common crane in Southern England – from the BBC
  10. Trees available for free from Woodland Trust

And they’ll be plenty more from the world of conservation, wildlife, nature (and whimsy) in the week ahead.

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