Twitter Round Up – April 21st ’13

This week we have brought you the following news about conservation, wildlife and habitat  on Twitter (click on the links for more):

  1. Protection for Leatherback Turtle nesting sits – Huffington Post
  2. Evidence that an extinct Rhino might still be alive
  3. A brilliant interactive Tree of Life 
  4. Chatting primates – National Geographic
  5. Good news for Asiatic Lions – BBC
  6. Information about recreating Munch’s Scream
  7. 200 Orang Utans found in Borneo – The Times of India
  8. Moneys that recognise threatening and non-threatening humans 
  9. Some thought-provoking ideas about extinction – BBC Science
  10. Chimps communicating with each other

There will be plenty more news on conservation, wildlife and habitat in the week ahead – follow us on Twitter at @tza_uk

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