November 2018 – Badgers

BADGERS – THEIR BIZARRE BEHAVIOUR AND BIOLOGY BY PAMELA MYNOTT FROM LEICESTERSHIRE AND RUTLAND BADGER TRUST Pamela delivered a presentation with videos of badger behaviour of which took many years of badger watching in the dark of the night sitting quietly by Continue reading November 2018 – Badgers

August 2015 – Tortoise Day

World Owl Trust Volunteers

In August 2014 we held a day of celebration for Mary Brancker and we thought we might hold another day this year. This time is was an informal day rather than the special occasion we held last time. We had Continue reading August 2015 – Tortoise Day

Mary Brancker – a Centenary Celebration

Ivan Ellis Mark Ellis Mary Brancker

Friends and former colleagues of Mary Brancker CBE, one of the most influential vets of the 20th Century, met at Twycross Zoo on Sunday 17th August to celebrate the 100th anniversary of her birth. The event was organised by tza, an independent wildlife and conservation society Continue reading Mary Brancker – a Centenary Celebration

Volunteering at Twycross Zoo

Twycross Zoo Volunteer tza

Six of our willing tza Members arrived at Twycross Zoo at 10am this morning in answer to a plea for help to get the site ready for Easter. Armed with spades and forks – and with the promise of a loan of a hoe, wheelbarrows, rakes and a broom – we reported for duty… Continue reading Volunteering at Twycross Zoo

Plea for Help from Twycross Zoo

Dolphin Fountain Twycross Zoo

tza has been supporting Twycross Zoo for over 40 years – and we are always happy to help out when they ask for our help.

This week we had a call from interim CEO Dr Mary-Lorraine Hughes asking if any of us have a few hours to spare between now and Easter… Continue reading Plea for Help from Twycross Zoo