February 2017 – Dave Hollis

Our February meeting was ‘A Tale of Dragons & Damsels’ with Dave Hollis.  Dave treated us to some lovely pictures of dragonflies and damselflies taken from around the UK – and all accompanied with stories that utilised Dave’s wicked sense of humour. Continue reading February 2017 – Dave Hollis

November 2015 – Bee Keeping

bee flower tza Mark Ellis

November saw a visit from local Bee Keepers Lesh and Lesley Wojnarowicz, who gave us a surprise treat with a number of different honeys to taste (everyone agreed that theirs was the best). Continue reading November 2015 – Bee Keeping

Heritage Sites and Butterflies

English Heritage Grime's Graves

At our March Meeting the speaker, Mark Ellis, told us about some of the work that takes place on English Heritage sites … He has been back in touch with us to tell us about how he is helping to protect Dingy Skipper butterflies … Continue reading Heritage Sites and Butterflies

Volunteering at Twycross Zoo

Twycross Zoo Volunteer tza

Six of our willing tza Members arrived at Twycross Zoo at 10am this morning in answer to a plea for help to get the site ready for Easter. Armed with spades and forks – and with the promise of a loan of a hoe, wheelbarrows, rakes and a broom – we reported for duty… Continue reading Volunteering at Twycross Zoo