September 2014 – Bat Walk

On the very pleasant evening of September 16th, a small group of members met up at 6.30pm at Rosliston Forestry Centre for a bat walk.

The talk began with a presentation by Steven Roe from South Derbyshire Bat Group.  Amazingly one in four mammals are bats and there are 18 different species in this country, 11 of which can be found in Derbyshire.  Sadly, he also us that in the 1990’s a British species became extinct – an important reminder of the need to protect and conserve our environment.

Videos were shown on places where bats like to roost & how many of them can congregate in one area, the videos & pictures shown highlighted the diversity of this group of Mammals.

The Bats we were hoping to see and hear at Rosliston were the small Common Pipistrelle, the Soprano Pipistrelle and the Noctule Bats. After we had been given instructions on using the bat detectors we set off for the walk.

The insects were definitely flying but was sometime before we actually heard the Bats. As the light faded the Bats became more active and we were soon  seeing Bats and hearing the high frequency‘smack’ ‘smack’ of the Pipistrelles and the much lower ‘chip’ ‘chop’ of the Noctules.

After we had been out for over an hour it became too dark for viewing so we returned to the Centre, handed in our bat detectors and left after a very informative and interesting evening.

All in all Rosliston is a beautiful place with many activities for children, all of which are very reasonably priced

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