September 2013 – Chester Zoo

Our final trip of this year was 1st September, where 23 tza members met up at Chester Zoo.

On our arrival through the main gate, our eyes were drawn to the Asian Elephant paddock containing a herd of about 7 animals including a playful youngster. The paddock is a fair size, with a doorway of running water for the animals to shower under.

The Tropical Realm was a very exciting place as it had an exhibit of Caecilians (a legless Amphibian), which were getting a lot of attention from visitors. Also a wide variety of birds and Reptiles, plus a very impressive Tarantula. The mixed exhibit mimics an indoor Rain Forest, which provided an opportunity for a quick warm for the members that hadn’t brought a coat.

At 2pm, we congregated at the Giraffe House to meet the lovely Lizzie (Giraffe Keeper), who gave us an insight in to the personalities of the animals that made up the Giraffe herd; again the herd contained some youngsters. The paddock was deceptively larger than it first looks and the house was equipped with built-in weighing scales and training window to carry out foot care.

Of all the babies that we saw (& there are far too many to mention), the most delightful was the baby Eastern Black Rhino, which you could view from the cafeteria.

ladybird chester zoo
Giant Bug at Chester Zoo  by Mark Ellis

The younger members of tza enjoyed the Mind Boggling Big  Bugs exhibition , which does exactly what it says on the tin – including a 20ft Scorpion, the display provided fun facts and activities.

All in all, another great day out. Large car park, well maintained gardens and a gift shop that stocked more than the usual zoo merchandise. Definitely worth a visit.

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