October 2013 – Sri Lanka and Elephants

We went to Sri Lanka …

Well, it almost seemed as though we did.  On Sunday October 6th, Georgina Howie invited us to join her on her trip to Sri Lanka with the aid of some wonderful photographs and an interesting and amusing commentary.

She had visited Sri Lanka with her husband and her sister (and tza Secretary) Sue.  They travelled to a few tourist areas and a few off the tourist trail. We were told of some of the history and folklore, treated to some stunning photographs and, of course, a visit to see elephants.

A truly memorable afternoon, those who couldn’t make the meeting missed a treat.

When she returned home from her Sri Lanka trip, she found that a phone call suggested a trip to Borneo……..Mmmmm …. Do we hear another talk next year? If so, don’t miss it!

3 Replies to “October 2013 – Sri Lanka and Elephants”

    • Thank you – your members were most welcoming and attentive – they asked some interesting and well-informed questions and I look forward to our ‘Trip to Borneo and the Orang-utans’ next year (scheduled for 2 November 2014). Georgina

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