May 2013 – AGM (and Quiz)

On 3rd May we held our third AGM  – and this was one that marked a milestone. Ivan Ellis declared last year that he would stand down as Chairman at this AGM.  He has been Chairman since the beginning of the tza, and was – at various times – Chairman, Secretary and President of the former TZA.

Ivan thanked the members of tza and the committee for their support over the years and wished the incoming Chairman and committee well for the future. He stated that the organisation had grown well since its formation and that we could feel proud of the achievements so far.

The new Chairman, Belle Bird, welcomed the opportunity to continue the progress and thanked Ivan for his work in the past. Bonny Savidge from the floor echoed this and so the formal part of the meeting ended.


Belle organised a fun quiz as her first task as Chairman, and she asked members to identify photos of baby animals. This enjoyable quiz produced a few strange answers!  The knowledge of members was, however, good and most achieved at least 75% correct answers; the winner with 100% was Alan Bates (although his background as head of a multi-ward winning zoological education team probably suggested that he would be tricky to beat)

The meeting ended, as ever, with chat, biscuits and coffee [or tea].

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