June 2015 – Yorkshire Wildlife Park

At the start of June a group of us made the trip up the M1 from our Midlands base to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

There have been a number of changes at the zoo since our last trip two years ago and it was great to see the progress within the site. The one really big change was the introduction of the polar bear and the enormous enclosure that will hold a few more bears yet.

Polar Bear at Yorkshire Wildlife Park - by Tim Ellis
Polar Bear at Yorkshire Wildlife Park – by Tim Ellis

Two bears waited for us. One asleep and one in a playful mood. The keepers had filled a large watering can with food and a long and strong tube with even more food inside. The younger of the two bears (grandson of the other one) was determined to get all the food out of the watering can. The granddad woke up and made some attempt at emptying the tube, but just stood and looked at us and the keeper.

The other attraction was the appearance of two tiger cubs, and although they remained some way away from us, we enjoyed seeing the play and motherly care.

If you haven’t been to this new zoo yet, do consider a visit, you can find more details on their website: www.yorkshirewildlifepark.com


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