July 2014 – Butterfly Hunt

Butterfly at Stratford Upon Avon

This hunt was done in a lazy manner; we visited a Butterfly Farm in Stratford upon Avon. The day was very warm, and inside the farm building it was very warm! There was also a Canal and Waterside Festival on the same day, so Stratford was very busy.

There were many butterflies fluttering amongst the foliage and we were able to identify most varieties on display. Many photographs were taken of flowers, plants, butterflies and iguanas. Because of the heat and crowds, we had had not chosen the best time to visit, and most of our group went outside for a drink and rest. Despite the crowds and weather, we all enjoyed the visit and wish to return on a cooler and less busy day.

Some of us took the opportunity to have a trip on the river and saw many decorated boats and even tiny speed boats with a teddy bear as the passenger. Thanks to Belle for organising the day at rather short notice.

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