July 2013 – Dudley Zoo

On one of the hottest of days of the year, and on ‘Murray’s Wimbledon Day’, we had a memorable visit to Dudley Zoo. Much to our delight, CEO Peter Suddock, found time in his busy diary to talk to us and to tell us a few things about Dudley Zoo (or DZG).

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Peter outlined his vision for the future and explained the transformation at the zoo over the last twenty years.  Dudley Zoo have invested their funds wisely and operated under careful financial control, and the overall result is both pleasing and effective.

The zoo offers many things, both educationally and recreationally; Peter mentioned animals [of course!], the castle, the gardens, the chairlift, good value food and a friendly and helpful staff.  He hopes to develop the castle and courtyard in the near future so that schools can benefit from this important heritage building.

Tecton Buildings

The famous and unique Tecton buildings bring both a challenge and yet another historical dimension to the area.  At the moment the buildings are being carefully examined to establish what, if any, structural remedies are required.  Some seventy years since the construction of the buildings every effort is being made to retain the iconic designs. They do add a quirkiness and unusual visual impact for the visitor.

After Peter’s talk we went our own ways, bumping into each other every so often and saying ‘have you seen ……?’

One highlight was to see the baby snow leopard, just one other attraction.

With a big thank you to Peter Suddock and his team – we will see you again soon.

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