February 2015 – World Owl Trust

Barn Owl Feeding by Mark Ellis
Barn Owl Feeding by Mark Ellis

Alan Peace of the World Owl Trust visited us and he brought with him two friends, Indie and Barney.  The friends were owls; Indie a Long Eared Owl and Barney a Barn Owl.

Alan told us of his life with owls, from how he looked after a Barn Owl from hatching through to a ripe old age. He continued his talk with anecdotes and the long-lasting tale of the move of the World Owl Trust from the Lake District to the West Midlands.

Most of the owls can be seen at Rodbaston College, Penkridge, near Cannock.

This is where some of our group are volunteering to promote the work of the World Owl Trust.  Our work includes cleaning the aviaries and presenting the birds to the public. The Trust will eventually be moving to Himley Hall, near Dudley.

The old adage has it that you should never work with children or animals, and today we saw why.  Alan prepared to fly the pair he had brought with him. Firstly Indie, after a moment or two, decided to go to his glove for food. As for Barney…..well, all morning he had looked around with great interest in these new surroundings, but decided that this was not a place to fly, food or no food!

Eventually, Alan ‘lost’ and Barney smiled and just sat.

Over the usual cuppa many photos were taken and a few members offered to help clear the site at Himley in the near future.

An informative and entertaining morning, thank you Alan.­­­­

Report by Ivan Ellis

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