February 2015 – Warwickshire Wildlife Rescue

In February we found out what happens when Warwickshire Wildlife Rescue comes an animal’s aid. Geoff Grewcock brought some of his rescued animals who will be unable to be returned to the outside world. He outlined some of his very varied experiences and problems. Recently he has dealt with owls, badgers, deer and bats. He never has any idea what the day may bring. He is self funding but manages to help with all enquiries.

fox wildlife Ivan Ellis
A fox rescued by Warwickshire Wildlife Rescue

One of his animals, Roxy the fox, appears in many adverts, and he was one of the animals he was able to show as well as owls and a snake.

We thought that we might be able to help him in some way, perhaps providing old blankets, pillows, tins of pet food, bird seed and the like. We will investigate.

Our thanks to Geoff for a fascinating afternoon.

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