February 2014 – Roger Coley

A superb presentation from Roger Coley, former Vet at Twycross Zoo, as he told us of his experience in collecting Noor Jahan, a young elephant from a working group in north-west India and bringing her back to Twycross Zoo. This, together with two other elephants destined for the UK, gave an important boost to the zoo bred gene bank.

He told us of his eye-opening travels through India to the logging camp where he was to collect Noor Jahan, and of the many tests and forms needed before any movement could be made. These were many and time consuming.

After several weeks and months, the forms and tests were made and …. On a Jumbo Jet [ elephant..Jumbo…. oh never mind] he finally took off for home. A few more hitches and at last Noor Jahan was safely in her new home.

Many members have fond memories of the tiny elephant and could recall her development over the past twenty years or so.

Thank you Roger for helping us remember her arrival.

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