August 2015 – Tortoise Day

In August 2014 we held a day of celebration for Mary Brancker and we thought we might hold another day this year. This time is was an informal day rather than the special occasion we held last time.

We had a tea provided by members of the committee and had a theme of ‘Tortoise’. Why ‘Tortoise’? Mary had a passion for tortoises and we felt she would have been amused.

Tortoise tza items
A selection of tortoise related items

There were a number of Tortoise Races, several heats producing a grand final, won by Sue Mustin.  (Of course – no real tortoises took part).   There was also a competition for the best model of a tortoise and Bonny Savidge was the winner.

Belle, our chairman, introduced a ‘feathery tortoise’, an owl. This was an immediate favourite and many had the usual photo of ‘owl on my wrist’ to add to their collection.

tza owl volunteer
tza Volunteers at the World Owl Trust

Everyone enjoyed the food provided and enjoyed a short slide presentation of a few members at Rodbaston College showing that they too have an ‘owl on the wrist’ photo.  The World Owl Trust is in the process of moving from Cumbria to the West Midlands, and a few members have become volunteers to help with the move

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