Aug 2013 – Yorkshire Wildlife Park

tza on Safari!

Sunday August 4 saw 15 members arrive at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, near Doncaster. The journey…journeys because they all started from different places, proved to be uneventful, and the huge car park meant that there was plenty of room to park.

Once inside we were thrilled to see the huge enclosure for the lions –  holding three separate prides. These lions had been rescued 3 years ago from a run down zoo in Romania. They looked in excellent condition and they obviously like their spacious new home.

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The Wallaby Walk-through and Lemur Walk-through were interesting too. The wallabies were able to go behind a roped off area if they felt they had had too much attention. Yet another walk-through was to found in the South American area.

Spacious Tiger and Amur Leopard enclosures also deserved our attention.

Without doubt this gem of a zoo deserves a repeat visit. The grounds were clean, the staff, keepers, admin, shop and catering all deserve a big thank you, and yes, some of us will return

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