April 2016 – Limericks

You may already have seen some of the great Cartoons from our April Meeting (click here) – but this was not the only competition on the day.  We also had a god at writing some Limericks with the theme of wildlife or conservation.

So with apologies to such masters of the craft as Edward Lear and Spike Milligan here are some of our efforts (or at least the ones that the Lawyers assure us are safe to publish):

Miss Brancker

Miss Brancker, a wonderful vet,
Skilled and kind with any ill pet,
Then worked in a zoo,
Got others so to do,
Miss B, the best lady vet yet!

Land Use

Too many animals are going extinct
And to our land use this can be linked
So come on then Man
We need a plan
To make sure our footprint is shrinked

Saucy Bonobo

That saucy great ape called bonobo
Takes lovin’ to places we won’t go
It’s not for the shy
To start to ask why
Do they do it in ways that we don’t know

A Tale

My teacher said “listen here sonny
An anecdote’s a tale short and funny
Can you give me a sample?”
I said “Yes, for example
There’s one at the back of a bunny!”


There was a young chimp at the zoo,
Who delighted in throwing his poo,
The Vet and the Keeper
Thought guests would smell sweeter,
If they gave him his own little loo

The Owl

Of all the beasts and the fowl
The wisest is said to be the Owl
But I find this absurd
For this nocturnal bird
Has not even been to night scowl


There’s a tiny white duck on the lake
Who is full up with bread and with cake
Her quack is the loudest
And she is the proudest
As her friends follow on in her wake

All of the limericks on this page remain the sole property of the author and cannot be reproduced or used elsewhere* without permission – please contact us for more info

* We know this is very unlikely but we thought we ought to say it anyway


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